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Anti Wrinkle Injections


Botox® which has been in use since 1978 for a variety of medical conditions is used to temporarily relax muscles mainly in the upper one third of the face and around the eyes.

Most common treatment areas are the crows feet (around the eyes), the glabella (the lines between the brow) and the forehead.  With the right amount of product and the correct administration in these muscle groups causes a temporary paralysis that results in a natural younger fresher looking skin, with fewer lines and wrinkles that are not so deep.


Plan Treatment Area Single Treatments  
1 Glabella 1 Area £ 180  
2 Glabella • Forehead 2 Area £ 250  
3 Glabella • Forehead • Crows Feet Areas £ 330  
4 Additional Area £ 50  
5 Bunny Lines • Chin • Mouth  form £ 180  
6 Hyperhidrosis for excess sweating £ 450  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the treatment take to work?

After a treatment the muscles take on average 5-7days to relax and achieve your desired results.

Will my face look uneven?

Please be rest assured that this is unlikely to happen as all treatments are carried out by our V Clinics by a medical professional who has more than 10 years of experience. Full assessment and advice will be given during and after treatment. Our  V clinics also treat clients that have had previous bad experiences.

Do I need top-up treatments?

Top-up treatments are not necessary as an in-depth consultation is given to each client before every treatment to determine how much product is needed.  As a part of Dermatherapy service we encourage each client to book a follow up appointment.

Am I left with any bruising or swelling?

On occasion a temporary swelling can occur lasting no more than 12hours.

How often do I need anti wrinkle injections?

Most clients have a treatment every 4-6months.  Anti wrinkle injections are a cost effective alternative treatment to spending £1000s on anti ageing products that may not work.  A guaranteed younger looking skin is always achieved after each treatment.

What our clients say..

“I’ve been to so many clinics that don’t give you personal service, the girls at Dermatherapy really know their stuff, I felt like I was in safe hands. During my treatment course I changed to a different package to achieve the results I wanted. They listened to my concerns and addressed them, I now feel more confident in my skin”

- Anna Richards | Angel

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