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Cellulite effects around 90% of women, even woman who are slim and slender still suffer from cellulite.  It is more common around the thighs and buttock but can also affect the inside of the knees, the hips, the abdomen, upper arms and in less common cases the back.  It appears in the lower layer of the skin where the fat cells are produced and varies in thickness. 

Cellulite is made up of fat cells combined with collagen and other fibers.  This fat is usually resistant to normal forms of diet and exercise; they have a higher water content than other fatty tissue. 

Cellulite is more likely to occur is areas of poor circulation that can be due to an inactive lifestyle or even tense muscles, which restricts circulation.  Poor circulation interferes with the normal process of waste removal through the lymphatic system that prevents the tissue from receiving the nourishment it needs.  Poor circulation will eventually lead to congested areas of fluid build up in areas of fatty tissue, which causes cellulite.

There are many other causes of cellulite from simply the air we breathe to the water we drink and the lifestyle we lead such as; a high sodium diet, coffee and alcohol.  These are all toxins, if the body takes in too many toxins that it cannot cope with then the body creates a build up of toxins that remain in the fatty tissue.

Treatment of cellulite can help break down the fatty tissue and redirect it towards the lymph points in the body to help it illuminate naturally.  At Dermatherapy we use electro cellulite massage, and a body sculpt treatment to help combat stubborn cellulite. 



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