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Skin types

Balanced Skin

A balanced skin is referred to as a normal skin, which is extremely rare to find.  We all generally fall between a skin type, resulting in us suffering from a condition from each skin type.  Our skin is not only the largest organ on our body but is also very complex. At Dermatherapy we take you through a treatment journey to help you achieve the skin that you’ve always wanted.

A normal skin is a perfectly balanced with cell renewal working in harmony with exfoliation of dead cells.  It has excellent moisture holding capacity and sebum (oil) and sweat is secreted at a perfect rate to keep it looking healthy.


Oily Skin

This skin type is more common in adolescents and young adults, it has an increase rate of sebum (oil) production, which is influenced by the male hormone testosterone.  Lifestyle and climate can play a role is an oily skin.  An oily skin can be characterised by having a sallow complexion, a thick epidermis (top layers of the skin), an over active sebaceous gland that causes an shiny appearance, open pores, black heads, which are particularly down the centre panel of the face and in some cases pustules that results in the first stages of acne. 

An oily skin is the most common skin type, there are several treatments available at Dermatherapy.  Once the skin type is addressed followed by a detailed analysis of any concerns, treatment can be planned.  To maintain a healthy skin, a glycolic peel or mircrodermbasion helps to re-new skin cells faster by the process of exfoliation.


Dry skin

This skin type has a lack of sebaceous gland activity, it can be characterised by being dull, a thin epidermis (top layer of the skin), it feels tight after washing, can be flaky and fine lines around the eyes.  Dry skin type is more common in mature skin. 

Treatment for a mature skin would be anti wrinkle injections, hydrating fillers and even a bespoke tailor made facial with a hydrating mask.  A relaxing massage can help hydrate the whole body or even a hot stone massage promoting deep relaxation.


Sensitive Skin

This is a skin type that is easily irritated.  Our polluted environment is making our skin increasingly sensitive to external factors.  It can look red and blotchy, as well as, having a thin epidermis (the top layers of the skin), feels tight after washing, dry flaky patches, have broken capillaries and it usually wrinkles prematurely.

At Dermatherapy we believe in using pure and simple ingredients.  Our bespoke facials have the highest concentrates of vitamin A, C and E.  Our skin peels are in pure form with the option to be mixed with our anti-wrinkles injections and fillers are safe to use on the most delicate skins.  Dermatherapy uses the most advanced laser technology and cooling system to treat any skin type.  We also have the revolutionary dermaroller treatment, which can also treat any skin type.

All Dermatherapy treatments can be used on a sensitive skin, a tailor made treatment will be made at your consultation.


Dehydrated Skin

Many people confuse dehydration with a dry skin.  A dry skin has a lack of oil production whereas a dehydrated skin has a lack of water.  Nearly everyone suffers from a dehydrated skin, many factors can play a role from our environment to our lifestyle.  A dehydrated skin can be characterised as looking dull and slightly wrinkled.  It also feels tight but absorbs moisture very quickly, it makes black heads and spots more visible.  Our lifestyle plays a huge part on the general well-being of our skin, Dermatherapy is here to help give us a boost in the right direction.

A dehydrated skin is a temporary condition that can easily be treated with a hydrating facial, microdermbasion followed by a hydrating skin care regime or a skin peel.

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