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Wrinkles are natural part of the ageing process.  Certain factors can age our delicate skin prematurely.  At Dermatherapy we use the worlds best product ranges to freeze the ageing process and help us look more youthful. We stock Botox®, Restylne®, Ressense®, Juvderm™, Sculpture™.


Lines, folds and groves, loss of firmness and elasticity that weakens the structure of our skin can be a stressful concept.  External factors such as sun exposure, smoking and environmental factors can also play a part of an ageing skin by speeding it up. At Dermatherapy we have a range of treatments to help keep these areas of concerns at bay.  A full in-depth consultation at V clinic resulting in the best solution to achieve your desired results will put that spring back into your skin.


Crepey skin

The skin looses elasticity as we age resulting in a slackened skin, this is easily treated by dermaroller combined with dermal fillers or non-surgical face lift.


Laughter Lines

We should be able to enjoy life without worrying about the lines it creates, these lines can be filled and smoothed out by some dermal fillers.


Nose and mouth lines

Known as laughter lines, these lines sometimes deepen with the ageing process and leave us feeling self conscious, A consultation at V clinics will help you achieve your desired result.


Forehead lines

An expressive face can leave us with lines around the forehead, anti wrinkle injections can help relax these muscles helping to soften these lines.



Necklines are always a tell tale sign that our beautiful skin is ageing, a consultation at V clincs will help devise the best solution to iron out these tell tale signs.


Thin lips

Full luscious lips are desirable and can be achieved instantly with dermal fillers at V clinics.  Every Hollywood icon has beautiful sexy lips, in fact it is scientifically proven that a full lip is a sign of youth and sex appeal, this is because of the amount of oestrogen being pumped around the body creating a plumper lip.  Keeping this youthful appearance helps us feel more confident and sexier.

What our clients say..

“This clinic is tucked away underneath a hair salon, it’s a complete find, I’ve told all my friends about it. I visited V clinics at Dermatherapy and I couldn’t be happier”

- Josh Green | Hyde Park

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