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Rosacea is a common disorder, affecting the skin of the face, it affects both men and woman, generally more severe on men.  There is unfortunately no known cause for rosacea.

Rosacea is red in appearance, it effects the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, usually symmetrically and has both inflammatory and vascular components. The vascular components lead to diffused redness on the face, with small red capillaries visible, this affects mainly the nose and cheeks, it is referred to as Telangiectasia.  A prominent feature of Rosacea is facial flushing that can occur from sun exposure, hot liquids, spicy food and alcohol.  As a part of treatment these activities should try to be avoided. 

Rosacea can be treated by a mild Lactic Acid peel to calm and sooth the skin or a prescription from V clinics.


Facial redness can occur from many factors, mild rosacea to a sensitive skin or a skin with high colouring.  Treatment from redness has to be determined after a consultation, possible treatment is a Lactic Acid Cool peel or a bespoke facial.

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