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Spots are ugly and never really addressed as the first stages of acne.  Having a spot is never attractive but is unfortunately a common problem. At Dermatherapy we have a range of treatments to calm down the inflamed area, from a skin peel to a bespoke facial.


Spots can be a cyst, papule or a pustule.  A cyst is a soft raised, encapsulated lesion filled with semi solid or liquid component.  Usually a cyst is underneath the top layers on the skin and only visible as a lump. A papule is a red raised lump that is not filled with any pus.  A pustule is an elevated area that contains pus, presents of pus does not mean there is an infection.  It develops around the mouth of a hair follicle; it becomes infected with bacteria and inflames the surrounding area.  If this type of acne is present and also has excessive hair growth, Laser Hair Removal is option to help reduce this type of acne. 


What our clients say..

“This clinic is tucked away underneath a hair salon, it’s a complete find, I’ve told all my friends about it. I visited V clinics at Dermatherapy and I couldn’t be happier”

- Josh Green | Hyde Park

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