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A red, spotting face is unflattering at any stage of your life, learning how to manage or control acne can be stressful, as well as, damaging for your self-esteem.  With our growing stress levels, acne has become more and more common in adults.  There are lots of treatments available to treat acne.  At Dermatherapy we have a treatment depending on what stage your acne is in. 


Acne is a common disease that affects people at any stage in their lives.  It comes with a long list of myths such as acne can be caused by a poor diet.  There is no cause of acne, but many factors are known to be important such as, our genes, oil production and hormones.


Acne is broken down into different stages.  Mild acne normally involves the forehead, nose and chin area, commonly called the T zone panel.  It may have slight redness, blackheads and few spots. A skin peel, mircrodermbasion or a bespoke facial can treat this.


Moderate acne also involves the T zone panel, but extends to include the jaw line and chin area.  There are a greater number of spots visible on the surface. A skin peel, mircodermabasion or a bespoke facial can also treat this type of acne.


The final stage is severe acne, which can involve the whole face, chest and back.  For treatment of severe acne, a consultation with V clinics and a tailor made treatment plan will be devised to help keep this type of acne under control.

What our clients say..

“This clinic is tucked away underneath a hair salon, it’s a complete find, I’ve told all my friends about it. I visited V clinics at Dermatherapy and I couldn’t be happier”

- Josh Green | Hyde Park

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